Printing Tips for SpookMaster Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Use these tips to print the pumpkin carving patterns at just the right size and clarity for carving.

Click Here for a Printable Version of These Printing Tips

For the pumpkin graphics files (JPG) and the Acrobat file (PDF), you can print the patterns in black and white. You can also print the patterns in low resolution to save ink and time.

Printing the PDF Files

The PDF files on the SpookMaster website include files with only one pattern and files with multiple patterns.

For the PDF files with multiple patterns, do not print the whole file especially any of the subscriber files! It is long so printing it in its entirety will cause you to spend lots of money on ink and paper. Instead, use the pattern directory to locate the pattern(s) that you want to carve. Go to the appropriate page(s) and print the patterns. Select PRINT CURRENT PAGE so that you will print only the page you are viewing.

Check the Adobe® site for printing tips to enlarge or reduce your print. When you click the PRINT button, a print screen should come up on your computer. Click the PRINTING TIPS button in the lower left corner of the print screen and you will be directed to the Adobe® site.

If your printer can't do these things, you can print a standard size (8 ½-inch by 11-inch or A4) print and take it to a local copy shop to enlarge or reduce.

Saving and Printing the JPG File

When you access the JPG file that contains the carving pattern, you must save it to your computer then print it. The JPG files will not print properly from your browser window. Make sure to create a SpookMaster folder to save the file in so that you can find it later. Once you have saved the file, it's yours to keep.

For printing, open the file in any photo software (Windows and Mac have some standard software or you can use other photo software). Size the print to a full sheet of paper or you can reduce the size to fit a smaller pumpkin, but remember that smaller patterns are harder to carve.

If you can't make the JPG file print properly from your photo software, try inserting or copying the JPG file into a Word document and sizing it to print.

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