Halloween Recipes to Treat the Ghosts and Goblins
Halloween recipes and free pumpkin carving patterns, stencils, and templates.
SpookMaster isnít just about pumpkin carving patterns. We have over 45 tasty Halloween recipes to go with our pumpkin carving patterns and Halloween party games. Check out our recipes below and enjoy!!!

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Caramel Apples
Candied Apples
Ghost Cookies
Jack O' Lantern Cookies
Spooky Pudding Cups
Graveyard Spooks (Cookies)
Caramel Corn
Bloody Popcorn
Popcorn Balls
Bloody Popcorn Balls
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds
Marshmallow Ghosts (Candy)
Jack O' Lantern Pizza
Black Cat Cupcakes

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Black Widow Snack Cakes
Chocolate Spiders (Candy)
Frog Eye Salad (Fruit Salad)
Ghoulish Ice (Punch)
Crispy Pops (Rice Krispie Treats)
Halloween Cut-Outs (Gelatin Snack)
Brain Salad Surgery (Salad)
Snake Bits With Barbecue Sauce (Pasta)
Rice Krispie Caramel Treats
Frozen Jack O' Lanterns (Ice Cream)
Taffy Apple Cookies
Eyeball Cookies
Halloween Spread (Fruit Dip)
Creepy Caterpillar (Cookies and Ice Cream)
Vampire Repellent (Popcorn Snack)

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Monster Mash (Popcorn Snack)
Squirmy Worms (Gelatin Snack)
Jolly Roger (Fruit Snack)
Frozen Gnats (Chocolate Raisins)
Ghoul Kisses (Cheese and Crackers)
Critical Spuds (Mashed Potatoes)
Spaghetti and Eyeballs
Sulfuric Acid Swill (Fruit Drink)
Frankie's Toes (Chocolate Covered Pretzels)
Toxic Tomatoes (Roasted Tomatoes)
Varicose Veins (Salad)
Vampire Fangs (Fruit Snack)
Witch's Brew (Chicken and Lamb Stew)
Worms au Gratin (Pasta)